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Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Cadi brushed the droplets from her face as the sky grieved. Daryl Devore's A Voice in the Air on #MFRWhooks #MFRWAuthor #sweet #medieval #fantasy #romance

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Today, I am showcasing a snippet from my sweet medieval romance – A Voice in the Air.

Scene Set – Cadi gets her back up.

Yes - Grwn is a name - old Welsh.

Excerpt -

The monks lowered another body to the ground to the left of the first. The sheriff announced a name. Another wail of agony.

Cadi brushed the droplets from her face as the sky grieved.

Twenty-five more times a body was lowered to the ground, a name was called out for each.

Twenty-five more times a heart was broken, and a family shattered.

Guilty relief filled Cadi. Ewen’s name was not called. Where was he? If not with the living and not with the dead, where else was there?

She pushed her way through the mourners to Grwn’s side. “Ewen? Where is he? He’s missing.”

Grwn shrugged as contempt crossed his face. The scar above his lip increasing the repugnance of his sneer.

She knew why, even though she refused to accept it. In this moment, for that man, the most horrible, most repulsive idea was not the death surrounding them or the endless pain of the survivors. His disgust arose because she was only a woman and an unwed one at that and she’d dared to ask a question of so important a personage as himself.

Many thought she had no rights or a say in matters, being over sixteen years, still unwed, and from away. A man-less woman was worth less than a cow. But she did not believe that to be so. The fighter in her raised its voice.

“Look.” She pointed at the crowd. “All are paired up. The injured men have left with their womenfolk. The dead are grieved over by their loved ones. Marwyn stands alone. His son has not returned.”

Without acknowledging she had spoken, the sheriff snapped an order at a guard then hurried away.

Ran like a scared mouse. Will not answer the simple question of a woman.

Blurb and Links -

Leading an army of faeries and pixies into battle against mountain trolls was not what Cadi expected when she accepted the task of rescuing Ewen - the son of the Overseer of the Faeries.

Squire Ewen followed his liege into battle with a head full of romantic notions of knights, heroics, and damsels in distress. Being captured by a troll, thrown into a cave, and awaiting a hideous death was not how he had foreseen his adventure to play out.

Can Ewen stay out of trouble long enough for Cadi to rescue him? Will Cadi overcome her doubts and fears and bring her beloved Ewen home to Plucks Ridge?

Or will the petty evilness of The Scorned One defeat all and destroy the magickal realm?

If you love action, humour, quirky characters, and romance, then Daryl Devoré’s latest medieval fantasy romance – A Voice in the Air – is a must read.



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  1. This is a very interesting world you created. It makes me wonder what will happen to her since she is still unwed.

    1. Lots. She's about to go on quite the quest.

  2. "A man-less woman was worth less than a cow." This is such a vivid summary of your fictional world. Excellent excerpt, Daryl!

    1. Yes- I like that line. It sums things up rather well - and not in a good way.

  3. Very intriguing world you've created

  4. Interesting world you've created. Guess being captured by a troll wasn't on his list of things to do. Now what? and What will happen to Cadi? Will she get to him in time? Thanks for sharing.