Daryl Devore's Blog

Daryl Devore's Blog

Monday 27 November 2023

So - last Monday I did a thing. And it was a lot of fun. #class #cookie

Last Monday evening I did a thing - I took a baking class. Making macarons. Fun word macaron - it means a specific type of cookie. Macaroons is a totally different type of cookie and Macaron - is the President of France. I never liked macarons - I always found them dry and tasteless. But we have this little bakery in town and his desserts are fabulous. One day in a moment of bravery I decided to try his macarons and I fell in love. Then he offered the event and I signed up. There were only 4 of us and we had a blast. I made the strawberry lemon-poppy seed ones. The copper coloured ones are raspberry. The blue ones are blueberry and the others are chocolate. We got to divide up the cookies and bring them home. Yum!

Do you bake? Ever taken a baking class/course???




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