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Friday, 21 February 2020

The Evolution of a Book Cover part 2 - ummmm - no! #bookcover #romance

On Feb 18, I posted about designing a cover for a previously published book. It was in a box set which has been unpublished. I really like this story and want it back out for readers to enjoy. It is funny and sexy. A great combination.

Part 1's post was about a photo that came up in a search for romance photo. Check out -

I found a photo on Pixabay that intrigued me.

I don't know why. It just caught my attention. I do know I am always looking for something outside of the box.

 I went to Canva and tried a draft to see if it worked as a cover. I didn't use a fancy font or anything - this was just a rough draft. I sent it to 2 friends. They "know" the story and could give an opinion.

The second I hit SEND I knew the cover was wrong.It's too dark for the story. I've been working on a section of my dragon story - which is dark. That's probably where my head was at - but this is cover wouldn't be a good choice for my book.

So off to look for more ideas.

Part 3 will be on Feb 23. See you then.

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