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Tuesday 9 April 2024

A hacker, a federal agent, and a crime boss. The time has come to fight. Arresting Alan by Amber Daulton #Romance #Suspense #AmberDaulton

Arresting Alan

Series: Arresting Onyx (book 4)

Release Date: April 9th, 2024

Publisher: Daulton Publishing

Cover Designer: Satin Rose Designs


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: 85k

Heat Rating: 5 Flames


A hacker, a federal agent, and a crime boss. The time has come to fight.

Computer technician Alan Harding is no saint, but his squeaky-clean image is unshakable in the eyes of his family and especially his young son. After he agrees to assist a drug lord-turned-snitch and hack into a criminal database, he’s faced with an impossible challenge—keeping his hands and heart away from his sexy as sin bodyguard, DEA Special Agent Hannah Adler.

Hannah would rather go hand-to-hand with an assailant than go undercover as Alan’s girlfriend, but she’s determined to keep him safe and his illegal activities on the down-low. The handsome man and his adorable child, however, are more than she bargained for.

Once their enemies learn the truth and retaliate by kidnapping Alan’s son, they’ll have to race against the clock to save the boy and bring a dangerous empire to its knees.


Book 4 in the sexy romantic suspense series, Arresting Onyx.


Tagline: His darkest secret is exposed. Will he find love and redemption in the arms of the woman who could destroy him?


Excerpt  (R-rated)


His stomach clenched and lungs strained for air until she fumbled for the doorknob and popped open the barrier. Hell, yes! He could’ve done a little jig in the hallway. Instead, he swept her up into his arms.

“Oh! Don’t drop me.” She clung to him and squealed.

“Shh. Never.” He kicked the door shut with a light thud and sat her on his bed. Moonlight streamed in from the slatted window blinds and added a silver gleam to her already gorgeous hair. He flicked on the bedside lamp and nearly salivated like a wolf with his prey in sight as she whipped off her T-shirt and bra. And damn, she was his prey—the only woman he wanted, would ever want. He rubbed himself through his slacks. His cock throbbed for another plunge into paradise. She kicked away her bottoms and lay bare on his blanket, which hadn’t seen a naked woman in years. Hell, ever.

Once he pulled a condom from his wallet, he stripped off his clothes and lay beside her. All that smooth, alabaster skin was his for the taking. He feathered kisses on her hips and belly before teasing his tongue to the swell of her left breast. The pinkish-brown nipple tightened between his teeth. Her sweet moans stirred his blood to a hot simmer.

Take it slow. Make such sweet love to her she’d rather tie you to the headboard than let you leave.

He chuckled. Though he’d rather tie her up, he’d take a night in her arms any way he could get it. He plucked her other nipple with his lips and eased his hand between her parted thighs. Wetness met his fingers. Dripping for him already? Good girl. He gently plunged in two digits and moaned as her walls gripped him.

“Yes. Wiggle.” She clutched the sheets and breathed hard.

“Fuck.” He pressed his face to her quivering belly and wiggled his fingers in a come-hither motion that had her squirming and panting. His cock pulsated against the mattress as though unused for years. He knelt between her legs and speared her.

“Oh, God.” Her eyes flew wide open.

“Hold me, baby.” She dug her nails against his back and clamped his waist with her strong, shapely legs. Her sensuous, bucking hips shot pressure through him. Her throaty mewls echoed in his ears. She arched her back and pressed her damn fine pair of lickable breasts to his chest so tightly her diamond-hard nipples scraped him with fire.

Alan rocked against her with his cock swelling harder than a stick of dynamite. Shit. He better slow it down. Gripping the pillow under her head, he bit his lip and eased his thrusts.

Tears slid down her flushed cheeks like an offering.

He licked the trail from her jaw to beneath her eye and pressed a kiss on her fluttering eyelid. Her dark sweep of crescents flitted across his cheek like the flap of a butterfly’s wing. When had he become so damn poetic? So sappy?

“Alan, yes.” She tangled her fingers in his hair and brushed her lips across his forehead.

A shudder rolled through him. He clamped his hand on her hip to steady himself and claimed the salty-wet streak that leaked from her other eye. After he kissed that precious eyelid, he trailed his mouth down her throat and suckled on the same spot where he’d already marked her. Possession flared in his chest. She was passion and heat, wild and wicked with the face of an angel and a body made for sin. Smiling down at the darkened hickey, he nodded in satisfaction and shifted his weight more onto his knees. Deeper, he pushed inside her.

“That’s it! Right there. I’m coming!”

He muffled her cry with his mouth. Her feminine core squeezed and convulsed around him with her sweet juices flooding his achy shaft. Every nerve in his body thrummed with pent-up energy. “Fucking hell.” The pressure in his balls shot free and tore through his shaft. Stars flashed in his eyes. His arms trembled on either side of her head. He groaned into her satiny curls and kept thrusting until the last of his orgasm filled the condom. Panting hard, he stretched out beside her and dropped the rubber into the wastebasket by the bed.

“That was wonderful.” She nestled into his arms. “I want to lie here all night.”

“Fine with me.”

“I would if your door locked. What if Danny has a nightmare and runs in here? He shouldn’t see us entwined in our birthday suits.”

“Damn, you’re right.” Alan sighed heavily and closed his eyes. “He’s older now, so I should fix all the bedroom locks.”

“Don’t forget the bathroom. I’m always paranoid he’ll burst in—accidentally, of course.”

He laughed and kissed the crown of her head. “Stay for a while, then I’ll let you go. I’ll fix the locks tomorrow.” He turned off the light and drew the blanket and sheet over them. Her breath puffed across his biceps and tickled his skin as she cuddled closer.

Half an hour passed before she gathered her clothes and tiptoed from the room.

He stared at the ceiling and silently cursed the loss of her warmth beside him. The bedding on her side of the mattress cooled as though bereft too. Well, hell. His bed needed her as much as he did. How had she slipped so deeply into his life—and his heart—so fast?


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About the Author


Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through Daulton Publishing, The Wild Rose Press, and Books to Go Now, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats.



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