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Friday, 30 July 2021

What happens when what you want most in the world is threatened? Lisa Wood's Paranormal Romance - Silver Under the Moonlight #paranormal #romance


Silver Under the Moonlight
by Lisa Wood
Genre: Paranormal Romance

A young woman, cast out by her family. A man, desperate to find his mate.

On the worst day of her life, Silver Remington never expected to be approached by a large, beautiful white wolf. She felt an inexplicable bond with him, wishing she could find the same link with a human.

Dax Ishal was the first born son of the pack alpha and, as such, in line to take his father’s place. There was just one problem. Pack law demanded any alpha be paired with their fated mate before they could step up. At 34 years old, he’d all but lost hope he’d ever find her.

Stumbling across his mate, desolate and sobbing, in the park came as a total shock. As a human, how would she react when she learned about shifters?

Violence lurks in the shadows. Not everyone in the pack is happy about Dax finding his mate. What happens when what you want most in the world is threatened?

This is a HEA story with no cliffhangers. Due to adult content and language, this book is intended for readers 18+

**Only .99 cents!!**

I was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I am a retired software tester with two kids, both grown, and a granddaughter that I love to spend time with.
I write erotic romance because the perfect man has to exist somewhere! My alpha males include billionaires, grumpy mountain men, and the boy next door who generally need a little guidance to get their happily ever after with their heroines. I write a variety of different tropes including romantic suspense, second chance love, ménage, reverse harem, bdsm romance, and even paranormal romance.
Expect many new books in 2021 for you to read and enjoy!

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

$5 Amazon giftcard ,
Swag Pack
- 1 winner each!



What's happening in July on Romance –  Sweet to Heat

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Thursday, 29 July 2021

Motivational Thought for July. #motivation #motivationalthought #motivationalsayings

 It is so easy to put things off. Do what the meme says - DO IT NOW.

Go write your book.

Start that diet.

Stop smoking.

Call a friend.

Whatever it is - don't put it off. Do it now.

What's happening in July on Romance –  Sweet to Heat

30 –SPOTLIGHT – Lisa Wood - Silver Under the Moonlight

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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Erik reached the neon wigged girl as Puii, the bouncer, grabbed the other. What Happened in Bangkok on Book Hooks #MFRWhooks #MFRWAuthor #hotread

 Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers as part of the MFRW Authors Blog. It's a chance each week for you the reader to discover current WIP or previously published book by possibly new to you authors.

Today, I am showcasing a snippet from Book 1 of my Rock Star Trilogy – What Happened in Bangkok.

Scene Set – Erika, owner/manager, of a drag queen club in Bangkok, Thailand is having just another night in the club.


Adult Language

Having recovered from her hissy fit, Shangri-Lay strutted onto the stage in six-inch stilettos and a liquid black coloured gown, slit to his… Erik shook her head… slit to her hip.

So not fair. Look at the ass on that guy. I could sink my teeth into that and never let go. A tingle prickled between her legs. I'm fantasizing about a drag queen. I so have to find a guy.

Erik stood near the back, watching as Shangri-Lay played the crowd. When the next act was announced, three drag queens strutted across the stage, sporting large hair and long, silver sequined gowns. The Diana Ross and the Supremes routine. She rubbed her neck. Cher would be next. Then probably Madonna. No. Brian wasn't here tonight. His night off. In an unusual move for him, he'd crawled into her office, on his knees, in a drag queen's overly dramatic way, begging for Thursday night off. Something about someone named Alonzo. Great. Brian has a date. Alonzo has a date. Most of the people here are on dates. Why can't I get a date?

She shifted her focus, checking the servers and bartenders. Everything seemed to be flowing along, like any other Thursday night. The real craziness would be Saturday or so, Rumours had it… and Rumours was never wrong. That's how he lived, by supplying information to the right ears at the right moment. Rumours had said a battleship was coming in to dock. She rubbed her forehead. Or some big military ship with lots of boys with money in their pockets and a horny cock in their pants, looking for a good time.

Erik grinned, thinking about the potential sales, Thai New Year, sex-seeking tourists and a big ship in port. Some would come for the drinks and show. Some would come to cum. The Pink Flamingo could supply whichever they wanted. A good time was easy to buy in Bangkok. This was, strictly speaking, a drag queen club, but everyone knew many of the performers supplemented their incomes and numerous patrons were working girls. They worked on the don't ask-don't tell concept.

A shrill screech to her right made Erik turn in time to watch the contents of a drink fly over a table and land on a red, infuriated face. The owner of the face bolted up and threw herself across the table. Erik recognized both as local prostitutes. Bitch fight. Never a good thing.

Mumbling an apology as she pushed several people aside, Erik hurried to the fight.

"He's mine, you fuckin' bitch." The neon orange wigged girl grabbed the other by the hair.

"Ah." The other screeched as her bright red wig was ripped from her head. She reached out with lacquered claws, slashing at her attacker's face.

Erik reached the neon wigged girl as Puii, the bouncer, grabbed the other. Separating them was like trying to pull Velcro apart.

Puii picked his fighter up, hoisting her over his shoulder. The man could lift a truck. Erik yelped as an elbow smashed into her chin. Crap! She'd grabbed the bigger and angrier girl.

Patrons moved aside to avoid the girl's flaying arms and legs.

Erik fumbled, but wrapped her fingers around the girl's wrist and twisted it up behind her back. "Stop wiggling." She jerked the wrist harder. "Just go that way." She propelled the hooker toward the back entrance.

Puii held the door open. His package stood in the alley. With a quick shove, Erik released the other girl. "I've had it with you two. You're banned from here for a month."

He jerked the door shut with a bang, cutting off the stream of vulgar four-letter words. "You're bleeding." He pointed at her.

Erik touched her chin, then looked at the red on the tip of her finger. "Damn."

In the quiet of her office, Erik checked her face in her bathroom mirror. Just a small nick on the edge of her chin. The years of sore muscles from martial arts classes were paying off. Ironically, she'd expected to use the skills defending herself from a rape attack, not for tossing drunk hookers out of her club. She poured rubbing alcohol on a cloth and dabbed at the cut, hissing when the liquid burned. Unwrapping a small butterfly bandage, she placed it over the cut, then admired her handiwork.

Resuming her post at the back of the club, she heaved a sigh. The show will go on. Shangri-Lay was back on stage, doing her job. The servers and bartenders kept everyone well supplied with drinks. The fight already a distant memory.

Puii strode in, worry etched his face. "Just got a text from Chaylos over at the Two-Headed Serpent. Somebody hit the Black Dragon. Killed everybody."

Erik's stomach dropped. "What?"


Blurb and Buy Links


To save Darien's life his brother asks, "Can you walk in high heels?"

Erika Bailey, owner/manager of a drag queen club in Bangkok, Thailand has happily settled into all aspects of her new life, except for her lack of a love life. When a new diva auditions, Erika is bewildered over her instant attraction to the blond God, Apollo.

Darien Scott is on vacation after a world tour and mistakenly figures the safest place to be is at The Black Dragon with the head of a Triad. When the club is hit, Darien is the only person to get out alive. Now   he's running from the police and a Triad. Mistake number 1.

Disguised as a drag queen, he's hired by Erika, but falls hard for his new boss, then struggles with not coming clean with her. Mistake number 2.

Can he fix his mistakes and find a life filled with love or is he headed straight for mistake number 3?

Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0984JP3NW

Read and review - https://booksprout.co/publisher/book/update/82738

Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.ca/daryldevore2013/what-happened-in-bangkok/


What's happening in July on Romance –  Sweet to Heat

29 – Spectacular Space #SpectacularSpace

30 –SPOTLIGHT – Lisa Wood - Silver Under the Moonlight

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Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Calla Lansky needs help at playing the field. Amber Daulton's Contemporary Erotic Romance - Calla's Summer Fantasy #NEBT #contemporary #romance

 Calla’s Summer Fantasy by Amber Daulton


Calla’s Summer Fantasy

 Publisher: Daulton Publishing

Release Date: March 18, 2019


Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance 

Word Count: 13k

Heat Level: 5 Flames



Calla Lansky needs help at playing the field.

She scheduled two dates for the same night at her favorite seafood restaurant, and she owes her shocked boyfriends an explanation. To her surprise, Nathan Risley and Sam Tomlin handle the awkward situation like pros and happily agrees to her ultimate fantasy: a ménage à trois.

After the hottest night of her life, Calla faces the ultimate decision.

Should she commit to the one man who secretly loved her all along, or keep her options open and indulge in her summer fantasy again and again?

Excerpt - Sexy

 Calla glanced back down at the bed coverings and kicked away her heels. Only a coward would continue to stall. She turned her back on her lovers, slowly untied the halter straps of her little blue dress, and shimmed her hips. The clingy fabric slid down her body and pooled around her ankles. Wearing nothing but a pair of lacy black panties and a matching bra, she puckered her lips in a flirty pout and glanced behind her.

“Little tease.” Sam clenched one hand at his side, his gaze dropping to her perky ass, and he pumped his cock harder with his other hand.

She grinned, her self-confidence shooting like a rocket into outer space. Tunneling her hands through her hair, she lifted the heavy locks and let it cascade back down in a slow, sensuous fall, swaying at the tip of her ass. Nathan growled as Calla reached for her bra clasp, and she batted her eyelashes at him from over her shoulder. “You wanna do it?” Nathan liked undressing her, Sam enjoyed her strip shows, but Calla didn’t care how she undressed as long as she woke up sore in the morning.

Nathan crossed the blankets in three long strides and grasped her waist with his strong hands. His fingers dug a little hard into her skin as he held her from behind.

Desire shot through her, and she almost melted as he trailed hard little kisses along her shoulder blade. She inadvertently transferred power and control of the situation to him, but she couldn’t find the will or the want to steal it back.

Nathan swiped her hair to one side, feathered his fingertips down her spine, and wrapped his arms around her like two steel bands. Caged against his solid chest, his cock pressed into the small of her back. He turned them both around, keeping her backside flat to his front, so they faced Sam.


Add to Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44592474-calla-s-summer-fantasy

Check it out on BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/books/calla-s-summer-fantasy-by-amber-daulton

Purchase Links


Amazon – https://amzn.to/2K4Nzkl

Barnes and Noble – https://bit.ly/32zarSP

Apple – https://apple.co/32wp2OJ

Kobo – https://bit.ly/3mmE6GC

Google Play – https://bit.ly/2GbHlR9

Universal link – https://books2read.com/u/3nWJge


Amazon Foreign Purchase Links


UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PQ8X4BY

Germany - https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07PQ8X4BY

France - https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07PQ8X4BY

Italy - https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07PQ8X4BY

Netherlands - https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B07PQ8X4BY

Brazil - https://www.amazon.com.br/dp/B07PQ8X4BY

Canada - https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07PQ8X4BY

Mexico - https://www.amazon.com.mx/dp/B07PQ8X4BY

Australia - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07PQ8X4BY

About the Author

Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through The Wild Rose Press, Books to Go Now, and Daulton Publishing, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats.

Social Media Links

 Universal link – https://linktr.ee/AmberDaulton


 Website – https://amberdaulton.wordpress.com/

Newsletter (free ebook to new subs) – https://emailoctopus.com/lists/9d60a166-f2ea-11ea-a3d0-06b4694bee2a/forms/subscribe

Facebook Author Page – https://www.facebook.com/amber.daulton.author

Twitter – https://twitter.com/AmberDaulton1

Pinterest – https://pinterest.com/amberdaulton5/

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6624921.Amber_Daulton

Amazon Author Page – https://amzn.to/14JoZff

Book Bub – https://www.bookbub.com/authors/amber-daulton

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/amberdaultonauthor1/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/pub/amber-daulton/87/538/368

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYg7JZ7XXp24Vg1O3IYeYkA

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@amberdaultonauthor1



What's happening in July on Romance –  Sweet to Heat

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Monday, 26 July 2021

Spy Thriller - The Ghosts of Guatemala - Trilogy - Book1 by Collin Glavac #spy #thriller #CanadianAuthor


Ghosts of Guatemala
John Carpenter Trilogy Book 1
by Collin Glavac
Genre: Spy Thriller

The CIA never left Latin America...
The CIA is facing catastrophic blackmail at the hands of an erratic Guatemalan drug lord: the infamous patrón of Antigua – Pablo Puentes. Desperate for a swift solution, the agency calls in their black operative fixer: John Carpenter.
John is a cold-blooded professional ready for the job. But the mission doesn’t have a simple fix. Pablo has a disastrous kill switch in place. 
John is still haunted by the mysterious death of his best friend who died on a far too similar mission, and now is uncertain about how much he can trust his handler or his sensual partner.
Back at the agency, tensions are running hot as the stench of corruption is growing to a boiling point. If things aren’t put to rights – and soon – the entire mission will go up in flames and take the CIA down with it.
Only John Carpenter can bring this drug lord to justice and get the answers he deserves.
Because this mission is personal…

If you like the relentless tension of Daniel Silva and the gritty reality of Lee Child then you’ll love this first book in the John Carpenter Trilogy!

Reader’s reviews:
“★★★★★ This is a tightly-knit story that keeps us wondering who is betraying whom.” – Vine Voice, Verified Amazon Reviewer.

“★★★★★ Forget James Bond, ignore the glamour and cool gadgets in Mission Impossible, chances are real spies are not going to be Kate Beckinsale dressed in skintight leather while she drives around in a Ferrari. In reality, spy agencies want to recruit people with a certain charm that can lure people in, but be physically unremarkable so that their victims can't really remember anything unusual about them as they wander across the street.“ - Verified Amazon Reviewer.

**Get it FREE until July 4th!!**

Operation Nicaragua
John Carpenter Trilogy Book 2

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
Black operative John Carpenter can’t forget his last mission. After uncovering brokered deals between a Guatemalan cartel and the CIA, John searches for the truth while going behind the back of his handler. At the same time, John is ordered to get a Silicon Valley millionaire out of Nicaragua amidst student riots and deadly paramilitary. He needs all of his ingenuity and training to get the asset – and himself - out alive.
Meanwhile, CIA Chief Operations Officer Mike Morrandon knows corruption exists in the rival Political Action Group. Abandoning protocol, Mike uncovers information in a dangerous love affair that may give him the answers he needs to set things right...or cost him his life.
Time is running out. Dangerous Cuban operatives have surfaced for unknown reasons. Russian intelligence is mysteriously involved in CIA affairs. Enemies are looking like allies in a world of secrets where there is no trust.
After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend...

Brace yourself for Book Two of Collin Glavac’s gripping and action packed John Carpenter Trilogy!

Collin Glavac is a Canadian born actor and writer who lives in Southern Ontario. He has written, directed, and acted in two original stage plays: In Real Life and LoveSpell. He completed his Dramatic and Liberal Arts B.A. and M.A at Brock University.
Operation Nicaragua is the second book in the John Carpenter trilogy. Ghosts of Guatemala, the first book in the trilogy is his debut novel. Vaulter's Magic, the first book in a new series will be available soon. 

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

Winner's choice of print or ebook copies of both books!
$15 Amazon
-1 winner each!

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27 – SPOTLIGHT – Amber Dalton – Calla’s Summer Fantasy

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Sunday, 25 July 2021

Take care of ye mother. I will stay here and work at my forge. No one will know anything is afoot. The Last Dragon on #WeWrWa #8Sunday #medieval #fantasy #romance

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! Where writers share an 8- 10 sentence snippet of their writing on Sunday.  Visit other participants on the list and read and comment on their 8sunday posts.

Spread the word. Twitter hashtag #8sunday.



This week's 8-10 sentences are from my medieval fantasy romance – The Last Dragon

Scene set – Sorry I was away – my daughter was finally able to cross the border and come home. Haven’t hugged her since Christmas 2019.

Anyway – where I left off – Derry was walking into the village when Pariset, a teenager, called to her and pulled her into his house. What happened was – Pariset’s mother is about to give birth, but it is dangerous for a baby in a village that has been infected by the evilness of the dragon. They plan to sneak the mother to the abbey where she can deliver the baby in safety.

Covered in her black cloak, Derry slipped from shadow to shadow, stealthily easing her way unseen into Baswich. At the blacksmith’s home, Pariset and his mother waited. She carried a small bundle wrapped in an old cloth. Derry guessed she held things for her time and the newborn.

Randell, the blacksmith, entered behind Derry. He kissed his wife and ruffled Pariset’s hair. “Be safe. Take care of ye mother. I will stay here and work at my forge. No one will know anything is afoot. Derry.”

A wee bit more

He pressed his hands into a prayer. “I cannot thank ye enough.”

“I shall see her safely arrived and escort Pariset back.” She turned, opened the door, then glanced left and right. “Come along. 'Tis quiet. Clouds cover the moon. We must go now.”

As she passed the weaver’s shop, Derry released a small sigh of relief. They were halfway to the monastery. They needed to move past the large open market square then they could sneak back into the shadows of the other buildings.

Pariset’s hand gripped her arm. “Stop. Listen!”

Blurb and Buy Links

What do dragons, knights and romance have in common? Grab a copy of multi-published author Daryl Devore’s medieval fantasy romance – The Last Dragon and discover the answer.

A sorcerer craving dominance merged with a dragon, the power overwhelmed him causing him to split into three dragons. Demora ruled thought, but was lost in time. Yidithe offered protection, shining like the light of the sun. Ayrradex craved chaos, revelling in destroying souls.

Many knights died, attempting to slay the devil beast. One knight, Prince Hawkyns, did not fear death. He’d lost everything. Away on a mission when Ayrradex attacked his fathers kingdom, Penrythe, Hawkyns returned to find his noble father – feeble and defeated. His wise mother – crazed. His beautiful wife and unborn child - dead. Only a pile of ashes remained for him to bury. He knelt before his King and vowed to slay the devil-beast or be slain.

Derry was born with powers that terrified her parents. They delivered her to a nunnery to be raised in secret. Jathe, a wise sorceress, discovered the young girl and trained her to one day use the secret hidden in her soul.

Legends spoken around campfires hinted the sole way to destroy Ayrradex was when the hearts of a knight and a golden dragon became one. But after a vicious battle with Ayrradex, the golden dragon was thought to be dead.

Can Prince Hawkyns’s bravery and Derry’s powers end the reign of the devil-beast’s terror?

 Amazon - ebook - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08QPW4CVF

Amazon - print - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08QRVJ59P

Amazon – Hardcover - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095GLQ4NP

Amazon – Audio - https://www.amazon.ca/The-Last-Dragon/dp/B094YMNP6B


Audible Audio - https://www.audible.ca/pd/The-Last-Dragon-Audiobook/B094YRKT76

BookBub – https://www.bookbub.com/books/the-last-dragon-by-daryl-devore

BookSprout – https://booksprout.co/book/69199/the-last-dragon

Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.ca/daryldevore2013/the-last-dragon/


 What's happening in July on Romance –  Sweet to Heat

26 – SPOTLIGHT – Collin Glavac - Ghosts of Guatemala

27 – SPOTLIGHT – Amber Dalton – Calla’s Summer Fantasy

28 – Book Hooks #MFRWhooks #MFRWAuthor

29 – Spectacular Space #SpectacularSpace

30 –SPOTLIGHT – Lisa Wood - Silver Under the Moonlight

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