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Monday, 9 January 2023

Welcome to the inaugural Books and More Blog Hop. This week's theme - The After Holidays Shock. #mackadebloghop #BooksandMore #Writers #DarylDevore

Welcome everyone. And a huge shout out to Viv for creating and organizing this new blog hop. Authors are always told - not all your posts should be "buy my book". Readers want to get to know the authors. So this is your chance to - get to know me better. (That's a take off from a line in Charles Dickens Christmas Carol.)

This week's theme - Back to Life: The After Holiday's Shock.

My life after Christmas. To start off - it's a sad me. My daughter, son-in-law, 2 cats and dog have left and returned to their home - a 2 day drive from where we live. Which means I can't just drop in to visit. Which makes me very sad.

I am Canadian and January is a looong, cold, dark month, which is partly good as it gives me more time to put my butt in a chair and actually write. I have 1 chapter done of my latest WIP (Work In Progress). I'd like to get a few more done.

No New Year's Resolutions. I don't do that to myself. I'd see those as highly stressful problems I'd self-inflicted on myself. I try to do what I say I will do. Life gets in the way and sometimes I can't succeed. But, if I say I am going to paint my living room purple with lime green stripes then I will do it. (Note - I said IF!!! There is no way I'd paint my living room purple with lime green stripes.)

Oh, and 1 more thing - time to get back to the gym and yoga. December is a carefree month and it's a bit hard on the waistline. 

Now hop over and read the other blog posts and - get to know them better. https://viviana-mackade.blog/all-the-things-blog-hop.../

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  1. Definitely no Resolutions for me either, I hate them! Christmas can be a bittersweet time. Sending good vibes!

    1. Sending the good vibes right back at 'cha.

  2. Happy writing for the rest of the winter.

    I want to get back to regular exercise too, but there’s still too much Christmas chocolate to devour first ;)

    1. Yes, I have the same issue - lots of Christmas chocolate.

  3. January is not meant for exercise. it is to contemplate how much exercise sometimes else.

  4. Is there a Linky List with all the blogs. I'm not seeing a list of participating blogs either on Daryl or Viviana's blog. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  5. Hi! There's a link to the landing page where all the posts are ;D (the very last sentence in the post, follow that link).

  6. Ohhh! A new blog hop? I'm trying to blog more this year. This might help! January is always when I start to exercise more because of all that yummy holiday food. Eh, it doesn't always last. I usually start again when the weather gets warmer and I realize I can't fit into my summer clothes. lol

  7. Come over!!! I'm just about to post this week prompt, but you can see all of them at the bottom of the landing page! It was so much fun!