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Monday, 16 January 2023

How do the seasons affect Daryl Devore's writing on the #BooksandMore #mackadebloghop #DarylDevore #author

This week's theme - Do the seasons affect my writing?

Yup! Spring hits and I start flipping through gardening catalogues - the next chapter in my WIP (work in progress) can wait.


Summer hits and it's game over for writing. I might think about my current story but usually nothing serious gets written down. Summers are short in Canada - don't waste a moment.

 Fall hits and it is yard clean up time and a time to savour the final days of warmth.

 (above photo - not from my property - but near by)

The winter hits. Ugh! Too cold and blizzardly outside - might as well sit next to the warm wood stove and finish that book.


Not our house - but a couple of hours away - on a lakeshore. Winter blizzard coated the houses. That is ice - not snow.

This is my house. Day 1 of snow storm that lasted 3 more days. This was taken at a break in the storm where everyone races out and cleans up because it's easier to clean up smaller amounts.

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