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Monday, 23 January 2023

Social Media - Love it or Maybe Not So much? Daryl Devore talks about her love/hate with social media on the #BooksandMore #mackadebloghop #DarylDevore #author

This week's theme - Social Media - Love or Hate?

Neither. I don't love social media. It's been to bastardized. I don't hate it. I use it. Note this blog. It will get tweeted several times.

What I do dislike about social media is author related. At first we were told - you have to be on FB. That's how books get sold. So we all went to FB. Shortly thereafter - oh -FB is dead. Everyone is at.... and it just goes on and on. Currently up to TikTok but waiting to see what's next.

Now hop over and read the other blog posts and - get to know them better. https://viviana-mackade.blog/all-the-things-blog-hop-bookblogger-booklover-bookworm-mackadebloghop/

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