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Saturday, 30 January 2021

My Books. My Blog. My Post. A story about my trilogy. #bookrights #romance


These are the books for my Two Hearts ~One Love Trilogy - which is sort of no longer available. I requested my rights back from my publisher and they are in the process of unpublishing these from the various locations.

Are these gone forever. No. I will republish them with new covers and some changes. Hopefully, for the better.

And now I am officially an indie. I was a hybrid, but no longer. My success or failure is completely in my hands.

When will these books be back? Great question.

Besides going totally indie, I also combined my two pen names into one. My Victoria Adams books have also been unpublished and I am working on getting those back up as we speak. Working on the cover and running through a brief edit.

Oh, the Victoria Adams' books will no longer be a trilogy. That was a newbie mistake on my part. Book 1 and 2 will become book 1.

So - stay tuned.

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