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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

The beach is my happy place. My May Flashette. A mini free read #beach #flashette


My online writing group does a monthly flashette - a mini story where the inspiration comes form a number of photos or words. Story length is less than 1,000 words and at least 1 of the prompts should be used.

This month's prompts -

Word Prompts - travels, delicious and shout

My May Flashette

The beach is my happy place. The crunch of the sand beneath my toes. The kiss of the water on my heels. My mind ceases its endless making of lists, planning of meals, plotting of stories and worries about family, friends, life… the existence of supernatural alien worlds.

I have a personal motto – Any day you can hug a palm tree is a good day. I live in Canada. Not a lot of palm trees up here. If I am somewhere where there are palm trees that means we are away from home – on vacation – relaxing. And it’s warm! To the locals, it is probably cold – but when your ass has been freezing for months – it is deliciously warm.

I have spent countless moments just standing at the edge of the water, staring out at the vast expanse or watching the moon peek out from behind drifting clouds. I’ve wondered how the ancient travellers found the courage to sail to the horizon. Then finding it to be like that dream where you are trying to get somewhere but just can’t quite get there. The edge is always just ahead of you.

I admit I do giggle when I watch a ship sail over the horizon. Some perverse side of my character imagining the ship falling through the expanse of space. I have been known to – silently – shout with joy when a ship climbs back up over the edge and continues on its travels.

Being an introvert, my secret place would be a lighthouse on the tip of some rocky outcrop. No one for miles to drop in for a chat when I crave solitude. But before me, room to reach out and breathe. Listen to the cries of the gulls. Relentlessly wiping salt spray off my keyboard and digging sand out of places it should never be.

I crave not the sea, but the shore. The tenuous solidness beneath my feet. Sand can support you, but it also shifts reminding us the world is not always exactly as it seems. That is my world. What appears to be one thing evolves into another.

The classic fairy tale – the ugly duckling transforms into the beautiful swan. Lessons our elders wished us to learn from those stories. Some lessons passed us by. We missed what we were supposed to learn.

But others were captured by our hearts and we can delve into the deeper meaning of them as we stand – on the sand – and stare out into the cosmos.

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