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Thursday, 18 February 2021

My February Flashette - One Footprint. A quick read with a prize if you correctly guess the answer. #flashfiction #prompts


In my online writers group, I post monthly prompts to inspire the members to write flashettes - super short stories. The maximum word count is 1,000 and the member is supposed to use at least one of the prompts in the story.

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One footprint.

That’s all she saw, but it was enough to make her shiver.

He was back.

He said he’d return.

She knew he would.

She’d prayed that he wouldn’t.

There had been many small successes.

She didn’t need… didn’t want…


But it had been weeks.


And no sign of him.

She began to believe he wasn’t real.

Just a figment of her imagination.

She glanced at the ground.

The footprint was still there.

It was real.

That meant he’d been there.

He’d walked up her lane.

Climbed the three steps to the porch.

Stood before her door.

Did he raise his hand and knock?

Or did he push the doorbell?

And there by the door…

The proof…

Question - what was on the porch by the door?

I will send an ecopy of whichever book the correct commenter chooses.

You must leave an answer AND an email so I can respond.

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