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Saturday, 22 July 2017

I have a new mantra and how some people can't handle it. #yoga #mantra #universetalkingtome

I have a big problem with edits. I see each missed word, misplaced comma or typo as a personal failure. I was brought up to be a "good little girl". Always try to do the best I could. Always work hard in school get good grades. Etc! So when my editor points out a "mistake", it drives me crazy. My blood pressure goes up. My pride gets its back up. I have internal yelling fits at my computer screen.

I adore yoga. I try to hit as many classes a week as I can. While lying in savasana at the end of class...

Sorry - got sidetracked. While the class lies in savasana, sometimes our fabulous teacher places cards on our mats. These are messages from the universe. A few weeks ago, I got the message I needed to read -


It was like a ton of weight was lifted from my shoulders. Yes, I don't need to be that perfect little girl. I allow others to be flawed, but I don't grant myself the same consideration.

So my new mantra is - I release my need to be perfcet.
Yes - I know there is a typo there. It is a deliberate one. I am showing the universe I am trying to accept that I am flawed - that I am not perfect. And funny enough, that doesn't bother me as much as it does other people.

I was on a blog and talked about the mantra. Drove the blog owner crazy. She couldn't fix my .jpeg, so she didn't put it on the blog.

Everywhere I had "perfcet" she corrected it. EVEN THOUGH - I had explained why the typo was there.
So, I come off looking like an idiot by saying I know the typo is there is and yet it isn't.

I tweeted my new mantra. Got several replies- you know there's a typo on your photo.

And through all of this I have kept a smile on. I don't need to be perfect and the rest of the world can just deal with it.

By the way, I just got the next round of edits and I did not have my usually mini freak out.

I also have another mantra that I adore.

Do you have a favourite mantra?

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