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Daryl Devore's Blog

Friday, 5 May 2017

I've touched a Moon Rock - Post #1 on Fridays in Space #space

Yes - I'm a space junkie. I love Star Trek and Star Wars - oh and can't forget Guardians of the Galaxy. (It opens tonight!!!!)

But I also like real space. You know the stuff that's "out there" - way out there. In a heartbeat I'd go up into space, if I didn't have to do all the physical fitness tests and challenges and  math and other non-me stuff. I just want to be a tourist and stare out the window.

So instead I stay earthbound and gaze at pictures and imagine possibilities.

NASA has very generously opened up their files copyright free. Each week, I'm going to post a space photo. Drop back on Fridays and see what glorious shots I have.

This week's photo is one of mine - taken at the Space Center in Florida.

That's my hand touching a moon rock.

See you next week.

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