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Monday, 27 September 2021

Daryl Devore talks about genre shaming on the Open Book Blog Hop. #OpenBook Blog Hop, OpenBook #writers

 Welcome to the Open Book Blog Hop! This week’s theme - Have you experienced or witnessed genre shaming, where readers/authors degrade a genre? If so, how do you deal with it?


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Oh good heavens, yes. I write romance. The most shamed genre there is. I teach a beginner writers course at the local library, and I don’t mention my genre until several weeks into the course. And after I point out what I write, I then say – And now, I’ve probably lost the respect of half of you in the class.

And from watching their faces, I know that to be true. Why don’t they know what genre I write? Daryl Devore is my pen name. They know me by my real name. I won’t tell them my pen name. Not because I am ashamed of what I write, but because I am there to teach them about “writing”, not to try and sell my books.

When someone on Twitter/FaceBook etc insults romance, I laugh and move on. Numerous other writers will rage on in defence of romance. The detractors will counter. Blood pressures will rise.

I have better things to do. Like go bake chocolate chip cookies.


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  1. Opinionated readers think that only their preferred genre is the right and proper one. There's a market for the majority of genres out there, and there's nothing wrong with a Romance story at all if that's what you like to read.

  2. What's wrong with writing Romance? We all need a little of that in our lives. There's room for human interaction in any genre, will there really never be love on a busy space station?

  3. There's still more than a hint of sexism in the insults thrown at romance. Romances are written by women and mostly read by women, so they can't be as good, right? /s

  4. People are just too certain of themselves and their perspective these days. I also have better things to do usually. I don't care for romances, which is why I don't read them very often, but I have no problem with other people reading them and enjoying them. I don't get why people need to get all twisted up about it.