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Monday, 5 April 2021

Set sail for adventure in this steamy Viking romance sure to leave you breathless! Celeste Barclay's Leif, Viking Glory Book 1 on #MedMonSpring21 #medieval #romance


Good morrow, medieval romance lovers. Welcome to Medieval Monday. #MedMonSpring21 Wander through the amazing blogs and discover new or new-to-you medieval romance authors and books. The theme is First Kiss.

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Today I’m sharing an excerpt from Leif by Celeste Barclay

Leif, Viking Glory 1


Fate brought them together. Free will binds them.

After months at sea, Leif Ivarrson wants nothing more than to revel in the comforts of home. Yet when word arrives that a new threat has invaded their land, Leif is forced to take up his sword once more. Tasked with rescuing a jarl’s niece, Sigrid, from this malicious enemy, Leif departs on a journey that will alter the course of his fate.

Since she was a young girl, Sigrid Torbensdóttir’s visions have been both a blessing and a curse. Now a grown woman and powerful seer, she knew enemies would come for her, eager to exploit her gift. Yet her visions taught her that fate could not be denied or ignored. As she had foreseen it, the heroic Viking would save her and sweep them both up in the raging storm of inescapable destiny.

Drawn together by the will of the gods, Leif and Sigrid battle to save their people from a rival tribe’s scramble for power. Will their blossoming love survive the tests of war and family? Can a match created by fate withstand the machinations of man?

Set sail for adventure in this steamy Viking romance sure to leave you breathless! Norse lore meets passion and intrigue in Leif, written by Celeste Barclay!


Buy Links: www.books2read.com/leifvikingglory



“You knew the first night, and you said nothing.”

“What was I supposed to say when you and your friends found me naked and tied to an altar? Was I supposed to call out, ‘Leif, we haven’t met yet, but we will wed. Don’t mind that your cousin and best friend can see your future wife without a stitch on.’ Is that how you’d have liked your introduction and my introduction to your family to have gone?”

Leif’s expression told her everything she needed to know. It was a mixture of horror and embarrassment with a strong dose of confusion.

“I didn’t think that was the case. And I wasn’t feeling up to making such an important revelation after spending the better part of two days tied up and exposed to the elements.”

“That man had you bound for two days? You waited through that without trying to escape?”

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  1. Definitely a tense scene,Celeste. Looking forward to next week's snippet. Happy Medieval Monday!

  2. Hmmm. Two days tied up outside? I'd be a bit forthcoming too :) Nice snippet !

  3. Oh, yikes!! Looking forward to next week's bit!