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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Branwyn's introduction to life at the Black Dorn Castle. Daryl Devore's Capturing His Heart on #MFRWsteam #MFRWOrg #hotread #romance


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 This month I am spotlighting and excerpt from my just released last week duology -Capturing His Heart.


Scene set – the is from the medieval romance part of the the duology – Branwyn’s Love. Branwyn is a complete innocent about anything sexual.


The scents and colours distracted Branwyn from the puzzling information she had learned that morning. A path through the rose garden led her to a maze. She remembered enjoying running in and out of a maze’s paths when her aunt and uncle had taken her to a spring festival at the duke’s manor.

After going around only a few corners of the hedge-lined paths, Branwyn thought she heard voices. Had she reached the end so quickly? She turned a corner and put her hand to her mouth to stifle a gasp.

A woman was tied to the bush with arms and legs stretched wide. She was naked, except for a cloak that shielded her back from the hedge. Two men stood in front of the woman, each suckling a breast like a young babe, with their hands frantically moving in front of them and grunts escaping their filled mouths. The one on the right gasped, and a stream of fluid shot out from him and sprayed the woman’s belly. A moment later, the same occurred with the other man. Branwyn retreated and raced through pathways. She brushed against the rough hedge, stumbled and fell. Breathless, she stood, ran forward a few feet and turned at what she prayed to be the exit.

She skidded to a stop. Before her were two naked men locked in the same position she’d seen with her uncle’s dog and bitch. The kneeling man gasped for air as he mercilessly pounded himself against the other. The blindfolded man on his hands and knees screamed as the kneeling man arched his back and emitted a long howl. Branwyn turned, bounced off the hedge and fled in whatever direction the path went.

She raced through the maze, hoping the next path would lead her to the exit. Her heart pounded as her legs grew weary. She slowed her pace. A small opening appeared where a section of the hedge was dead. She forced her way through, glad to be free of the terrifying place but concerned as to where she now stood. The maze she passed through now blocked her view of the castle and gardens. With no one around, Branwyn fought back tears as a cold shudder of fear raced through her. She refused to re-enter the maze and make her way back to the entrance. Which way to turn? Left or right? She collapsed onto the ground and heaved a troubled sigh.

A horse’s snort startled her. She rose and hurried toward the sound. Two magnificent beasts—human and animal—stood beside a small creek.

Blurb and Buy Links

Caution - One smouldering twisted fairy tale mixed with one hot medieval romance might burn more than your fingers.

Daryl Devoré has bundled two of her hot romances into a duology. A hot twisted fairy and a hotter medieval romance combined in Capturing His Heart.

Dark Chocolate and Strawberries takes you on a hot romp on a Caribbean cruise. Esmerelda 'Red' Hood discovers her sweet granny is on a romantic cruise with a gigolo. Horrified, Red races off to save her grandma before it's too late.

On board, she meets Andrew Woodsman and Willem Olf. One a cutie with the biggest puppy eyes and the other - dark and sophisticated. Even with her grandmother's words ringing in Red's ears - Never trust a wolf in sheep's clothing - Red has trouble choosing which man is the big bad wolf and which is her happily ever after.

Branwyn’s Love transports you back to medieval times. It is the tale of a young woman sold as a courtesan in training. Branwyn arrives in a new land to begin daily lessons in the bewildering art of bedding a man.

The noblewoman chosen to be Prince Malacke’s bride rejects him by bedding his hated rival. Malacke turns his anger towards increasing the power and wealth of Black Dorn castle. And he succeeds, until his attention is captured by the face of the woman who will be his queen.

Amazon ebook – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08WM2WN6L

Amazon print - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08WK6M91H

 Books2Read ebook - https://books2read.com/CapturingHisHeart


ARC BookSprout for a read and review - https://booksprout.co/arc/59019/capturing-his-heart





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  1. You've done a great job portraying her confusion. And I love the comment about "two beasts"!

  2. Now THAT's what I'm talking about! Turn on the fans, it's hot in here.
    Sheri Fredricks

  3. What a great setting for an erotic adventure!

  4. Great excerpt! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very sexy. She really gets thrown into a very different world, and her fear is palpable.

    1. I'm glad it is palpable. I tried to show what she was going through.

  6. Great excerpt, Daryl. Love the imagery, which gives the reader an excellent idea just what Branwyn has stumbled into.

    1. Thank you. I have been working on my imagery.

  7. I would imagine that's what it would be like to see all of that for the first time. I also enjoyed the "two beasts" comment.

  8. I like the little details--like how there's a cloak behind the tied up female, so she won't be hurt by the thorns. How thoughtful! LOL. So at least the men involved aren't totally animals.