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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

I should run! Just take off into these woods. But where to? S.N. Hunt's fantasy romance - The Elementalist: Journey to Zlorta #fantasy #romance

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 S. N. Hunt loves to read and write all about fantasy and romance.  She wrote her first story when she was in her twenties.  Then her computer crashed.  At the time she took it as a sign and quit writing.  Now fifteen years later, the story wouldn’t leave her alone.  Thus her first self published book The Elementalist: Journey to Zlorta was born.  When she is not writing or reading, she is spending time with her hubby and furbabies.  She enjoys camping in the summertime and fishing til the sun goes down.  She loves cooking, baking, and of course eating.  Family is very important to her and she thanks God everyday for the support they have given her.



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The Elementalist: Journey to Zlorta

Fantasy Romance

S.N. Hunt


I should run! Just take off into these woods.  But where to?  Back to Jason’s body on her kitchen floor.  They would probably blame her for his death.

She saw that Micheal was watching her.  She squared her shoulders and laid her hand against the saddle.  As soon as he turned his back, she took off running.  She made it to the trees before he caught her.

Damn, the big bastard was fast!

He threw her up over his shoulder.  She landed on her stomach with a groan.  The force of it knocking the air from her lungs.

“We can do this two ways.  You walk on your own through the gate.  Or I tie you to Lucifer’s saddle.  Your choice, princess.”

She cried out and started beating her hands against his back.  He sighed and slapped her bottom hard.  She instantly stopped and thought about her options.

He smacked the back of her thighs and said, “One….. Two…”

“Fine, fine! I will walk.” 

She felt the sting of his swats and held back tears.  She had never been spanked or slapped in her life.  It hurt.

“If I set you down, no running.  You run again and I will tie you to that saddle.  Then I will make you regret running.  Those two swats will be minor in comparison.”

She swallowed hard and shook her head yes.  He shrugged and bounced her on his shoulder.

“Words, princess.  Use your words.”

“I will walk.  I promise not to run.  I swear.”

He set her down and placed her hand on the saddle.  She struggled to keep back her tears.  She felt like a disobedient child that had been caught in the act.


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Not everything is as it seems.

Sarah thought she was just another orphan left on a doorstep. She had a quiet life working as a secretary at the local printing company. One night changed everything. Now she is journeying to Zlorta to learn about her powers in the company of a man named Micheal. Though she has never seen his face, she feels compelled to follow him and explore the passion that burns between them.

Antony will stop at nothing to possess her and her powers. He sends his henchmen to attack and kidnap her. Micheal swears he will protect her with his life. But as she loses her heart to him, she finds that she must protect him. Will Sarah prevent Micheal’s death or will Antony make her his weapon?

 If you love fantasy, romance, and adventure you will adore The Elementalist. Dive headlong into this new paranormal fantasy adventure romance about vampires, magic, fantasy creatures and a woman finding love in the arms of the man sworn to protect her.




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