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Friday, 8 January 2021

Debut YA novelist- Cloey Kinney - talks about her novel - Pearl of Meissa - and how it was inspired by Orion's Constellation. #debut #YA

Hello, to new readers and old readers alike. My name is Cloey Kinney, and I’m an indie YA author who is set to release her debut novel on March 29th, 2021!

My upcoming novel, ‘Pearl of Meissa,’ is one of Greek reimagining, and is based off Orion’s constellation. 


I first got the idea for this series when I was twelve years old. My middle school experience wasn’t the best and I didn’t have a lot of friends, so I filled my time by reading, writing, and stargazing. I was, and still am, obsessed with the stars, and so it seems natural that my first published novel be inspired by them. When it came time to give my breed of hunters a name, it was fate that I stumbled upon Orion’s story. He was a hunter who wanted to kill every creature on Earth. If that doesn’t scream, ‘make me into a book,’ I don’t know what does. And so I did!

Writing was easy. I dream in action sequences and dialogue—my mind is always wandering, thinking up new ideas and plot twists. Unfortunately, you can’t dream up promotion. At least, not to the best of my knowledge. I was fortunate in the fact that I had a following from my blog when I began to advertise my novel. I interview publishing company professionals on my website as well, but I fear that venture requires its own article to explain. Jump back to me, sitting at my summer job in a museum, I’m on social media constantly. I’m following everyone, retweeting everything, googling the best ways to promote my novel. Being an indie author has its perks, don’t get me wrong. But marketing is not one. I wish I had the secrets to selling a #1 novel, but there simply just isn’t such thing. No book will ever truly satisfy every reader, and so it cannot in good conscience be deemed #1. However, what I can say is that you have to know your audience. You can’t target a fantasy novel to diehard Jane Austen fans—odds are they won’t bite. You need to start associating yourself with novels of the same genre and their fans. But most importantly, a community that isn’t divided as much as the reading community is­—the writing community! Writers support writers. It’s why you see a #writerslift on Twitter so often. They’re not writers from one genre, but all of them. Being an indie author, a difficult job when regarding promotion aspects of it, can be so rewarding. No, you don’t have a name like ‘Penguin Random House’ or ‘Simon and Schuster’, but you have so many other indie authors who are enamored by the craft. Having representation does not make you an author but having heart and enthusiasm does.

Someone who has heart and enthusiasm? Althea Silverstream, protagonist of my upcoming novel. (Oh, come on. You didn’t think I wasn’t going to plug my book, did you? I just got done saying how hard promotion is!!) Venturing to Meissa will kill her. It’s an island brimming with monsters whose presence threatens her life, and a mythical sword that can save it. If you like twins, tea-obsessed sailors, underlying plots and mystery, you’re going to fall in love with Pearl of Meissa, out March 29th


 Excerpt -

Chapter One ~ Althea

The chapel bells toll in my ears, and I join the population that winces as they bypass the slope of its structure.

               My dress, made of a fabric too thin to exist solitarily, lays overtop shorts and a thick band narrowly covering my chest.

I pinch the long sleeves in my thumb, anxiously watching the dancing flames of candles that burn atop scattered stone podiums, guiding us forward in the inkiness of night.

               Thorn walks in time with my steps, fidgeting with the cuffs of his suit. “This is uncomfortable.”

               “Well,” I sigh, watching kids race past. “You could’ve worn pants and a T-shirt.”

               He hisses, “Then we wouldn’t have matched, and you would have been way overdressed! I’m doing you a favour.”

               My twin offers his arm as we approach. He proves an excellent crutch that keeps me from running back to my room and bolting the door. Once a month. That’s it. Once a month, I have to bare my soul and prove my commitment to our God. Once a month, I lose a little bit of myself.

Envy and anxiety are dominating emotions. Envious of the joy in the children that run by. They’re twelve, new to the community and ready to attend their first M-Secat. They have no idea what their future holds. The children will emerge true Orions tonight—fit for battle, thirsty with bloodlust. Anxiety follows this revelation.

               The moon is nonexistent in the sky, and its dullness illuminates all else. Stars, passing comets, distant planets; conditions are perfect. Only when the moon’s light is completely drained do we gather. Only when Orion is at his brightest, standing tall clutching his sword, club, and cloak. He demands our attention, and we comply.

               The field is heavy with the dew that sits atop every blade of grass, jumping for my feet as I brush by. I trip up in the bunch of fabric that chokes my ankles every few steps, but Thorn humbly pretends not to take notice every time. 

I lean against his shoulder. “Do I have to?”

“Nobody can force you to do anything, Thea. You’re too stubborn.”

               “Am not.”

               “Even when I’m defending you, you fight my opinions!”

               “Only when it’s wrong,” I mumble, the fleecy touch of his suit fondly reminding me of a pillow. I close my eyes, trusting that Thorn won’t detour to toss me into a lake.

He sighs. “Your participation only urges you further into it, you know. If you didn’t do it, then you would have an easy way out of the guard.”

“Maybe when I’m not the only monster compass in the world.”


Blurb and Buy Links -

Excerpt: Althea Silverstream is far from home when threats of war break out. Busy pursuing a betrothal, a prince whose eyes are the brightest thing about him quickly and reluctantly becomes one of her only allies in a race for a mythical weapon. It's the only thing that can end a war as quickly as it began. It's only suiting that they should venture to Meissa, an island brimmed with monsters whose presence could end Althea's life.

Buy Links: 

Where to find Cloey - 



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