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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Advancing with caution, she chewed her bottom lip. What evil could this be? Daryl Devore's The Last Dragon on BookHooks #MFRWhooks #MFRWAuthor #fantasyromance #medieval


Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers as part of the MFRW Authors Blog. It's a chance each week for you the reader to discover current WIP or previously published book by possibly new to you authors.

Today, I am showcasing a snippet from my new up-and-coming release later this month – The Last Dragon.

When I last posted - technically last year - we had met Prince Hawkyns. He'd been slaying a dragon. Something attacked. He woke up staring into the eyes of an angel. Then he passed out. Now it's time to meet the other half of this story.

When the first ray of the morning sun crossed the sill of the little cottage's window, Derry opened her eyes. Light. She loved light. It banished the cold, foul darkness that haunted her dreams. She let out a yawn and stretched. The ancient with whom she shared the lone bed shifted and continued to snore.

Derry slid her feet over the edge of the bed and stood. Crossing the room, she picked up her skirt and blouse, dressed and while lacing her top, tiptoed to the curtained doorway. With a flick of her hand, she brushed the curtain aside and stepped into the main area of the cottage.

The sun's rays peeked around the corner of the far window, lightening the room. Derry wrapped her fingers around the woven basket handle which rested on the small eating table and exited the cottage, being careful to shut the door as not to waken the old woman. With a quick movement, she tied her headscarf to the handle, inhaled a deep breath and released it with a joyful shake of her body.

With a jubilant spring in her step, Derry hurried along the cool sand to the path leading up the side of the cliff. On one of her afternoon searches for firewood she’d noticed a patch of late summer berries. If the birds hadn't ravaged it, there would be a sweet treat for breakfast. Climbing up the low rise, she stepped onto the dewy grass. A small cloud slipped past the sun and the day awakened with a brilliant glow. The deep sounds of the village's early morning Angelus bell floated through the air.

Derry paused and looked out towards the ocean. Today it was calm with gentle rolling waves. Gulls soared overhead, their loud squawks announcing their presence. She glanced down the cliff at the little cottage nestled on a tuft of land and rocks. No smoke drifted from the chimney. The ancient was still asleep.

Turning to her task, Derry ambled along the rough path, humming and enjoying a beautiful morning. She paused. A thought niggled at the back of her mind. There was something different about the meadow. Her brow wrinkled as she looked towards the edge of the cliff and there, off to the left was a dark shape. It wasn't a rock. No large boulders rested near the brink.

Advancing with caution, she chewed her bottom lip. What evil could this be? Too small to be a dragon. Unless it was a young one.

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5 star review

5 Stars An Epic Adventure

In the age of dragons, villages, towns, and even kingdoms are at risk of being decimated. In legend, three dragons ruled supreme: Ayrradex was said to steal people's souls, leaving them heartless and half dead. Yidithe is Ayrradex's opposite and brings protection from his fiery wrath. Demora ruled thought, but he had been lost to memory and time.

The devil dragon Ayrradex has destroyed the kingdom Prince Hawkyns' father rules. Worse, the dragon killed his pregnant wife, destroyed his mother's wits, and brought his father to his knees. Hawkyns' two brothers have been killed while trying to find and kill Ayrradex. Now the task falls to Hawkyns. Through his many trials and travels, Hawkyns meets a strange but wonderful woman named Derry who can miraculously heal and a brave young man named Pariset. On an epic journey, the three set out to find the lair of Ayrradex. Will the three of them live through the fight? Are there more surprises in their futures? Will Hawkyns return home to acclaim and honor? So many questions in this great quest!

What a great story! Hawkyns has quite the adventure with dragons, magick, and mayhem, and he changes as his quest advances. This is a story of acceptance, trust, and good over evil. Ms. Devore draws us through the journey and brings us to the other side through her writing skill for suspense, characterization, and description. I especially liked how she handled the character of Derry, who has to accept herself and all she is, plus be willing to give everything up for love before the little group can succeed. All of the characters were great, which made this a wonderful book to read and enjoy. Ms. Devore has the knack for epics and adventure. I hope she does more of it!


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  1. And what will the lump be? Someone or something that's central to the plot, I'm sure!

  2. This is a brilliant description, Daryl. You brought this fantasy world alive for me (as well as giving some hints about the sort of person Derry is).

  3. Love this excerpt! Her bright pure happiness shines through.

  4. Enter the innocent maiden. Could the lump be the hero?

  5. If the lump isn't a dragon, I ope it's something equally exciting! I did wonder when she woke up next to "the ancient" whether it was make or female, but maybe we learned that earlier.

  6. I bet her life is going to change big time, and so will what, or who, she has just found!