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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

You are holding five million dollars in your hand and you have about fifteen seconds to get out of here. Two Truths and a Lie by Daryl Devore on this week's Book Hooks #MFRWhooks #MFRWAuthor #hotread #billionaire #romance

Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers as part of the MFRW Authors Blog. It's a chance each week for you the reader to discover current WIP or previously published book by possibly new to you authors.

Today, I am showcasing a snippet from my newly released romance - Two Truths and a Lie.


The large grandfather clock in the corner of the room chimed the hour. That was my cue to go to the bar. Lover Boy touched my arm as I passed. I swear I felt a tingle. I turned and smiled. He requested a whiskey. I nodded and continued to the bar. Perfect reason to be standing there, innocently waiting. As the bartender poured the drink, Mr. Chapman, the boss, arrived.
"You. Take a whiskey to the Lord's office. West Wing. First door on your left." He pointed across the room.
I lowered my head and mumbled, "Yes, sir." With both drinks on my tray, I walked across the room to Lover Boy. He accepted his drink with a smile. I fought the instinct to toss away the tray and press my mouth on those enticing, full kissable lips. Keeping my sight on the target, I passed through the crowd to the hallway that extended off to the side, otherwise known as the West Wing.
I made a quick vow that someday I would live in a house so big that it had wings.
The hallway was dark and quiet. The sounds of the party fading as I moved along the plush, deep red carpet. My watch beeped. Showtime. I turned right, opened the door and entered the room. My heartbeat wanted to race, but I forced myself to remain calm. Do the job. Get out. Then, if I want, I can have a panic attack.
Five minutes later, the red diamond nestled against my glove-covered palm. The heart-shaped beauty mesmerized me. I've always been attracted to sparkly things. It's the feminine side of me. The practical side said, "You are holding five million dollars in your hand and you have about fifteen seconds to get out of here."

The legend of Robin Hood and Maid Marian with a twenty-first-century twist. If you love hot, billionaire romances, then this is a must read.
From the author of the Two Hearts One Love Trilogy, multi-published, hot romance author Daryl Devoré's latest book revolves around deceit, betrayal, passion and the theft of a multi-million-dollar, rare, red diamond.
As if multiple planes crashes, a car accident, and a concussion isn’t enough, carefree Byn and straight-laced billionaire, Mark clash over Byn's need for independence and Mark's struggle with guilt pushing him in the opposite direction of love. When an art forger, an art thief and a ninety-five-year-old woman get involved the chance for true love for Byn and Mark fades.
All is lost until a children's game is their only hope.

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  1. now she has the ruby, what will happen next?

  2. Panic attacks are always best conducted after the crime has been committed.

  3. Oooh! Now I want to know more about how she got herself into this and what happens next! Cool!

  4. Wow, intriguing. I want to know what happened. Great hook. Thanks for sharing, good luck!

  5. I'm looking forward to reading this book! I really want to know why she's there for that diamond!

  6. Great hook, Daryl! Can't wait to read more.

  7. My wife's attracted to sparkly things too, but she's never stolen a ruby!

  8. Imagine having a cat burglar for a wife!

  9. This is literally a moment of "ooh, shiny!" but she keeps it together and gets moving.