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Monday, 11 February 2019

He took her, he caged her, but can he truly tame her? Amazon Bestselling Author Felicity Brandon's - Tamed #DarkRomance #KidnapThriller #Alphamale

 Title: Tamed by Felicity Brandon
Series: The Dark Necessities – Book Two
Hash tags: #DarkRomance #KidnapThriller #Alphamale
Tag Line: He took her, he caged her, but can he truly tame her?
Release date: 28th December, 2018

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43161415


He took her, he caged her, but can he truly tame her?

Lost in the woods, author Molly Clary is running for her life. After being trapped in the torrid dark world of Connor Reilly, Molly has made a desperate escape from the tantalizing torment, but little does she know what fate awaits her.

Connor is both a man and a monster, and in the depths of his depravity, something scintillating will bloom between them. Molly finds that she is falling for the sadist, a dangerous attraction that will take her right to the brink.

So, now it's Molly's choice. Can she manage the monster in order to lure the love of the man? A man who has already demonstrated just how cruel his sadistic streak can be?
And when the truth is finally revealed, Molly will need to decide. Where do her true loyalties lie?

1-Click Tamed today to continue this dark, twisted trilogy.

Tamed is the heart-stopping continuation of the dark romance, Taken. Molly and Connor’s liaison concludes in the hotly anticipated, Entwined.


Sexy Snippets:

A woman who proactively sought the kiss of her captor was no longer really a captive. Was she?

All there was now was Connor, the pain and the exhaustion.


Molly had no clue. She had no idea who she’d just fucked, or that by giving herself to him in any way, she was slowly selling her soul to a devil.


The poor little thing didn’t have a clue how far off the mark she was. Connor wasn’t tender. Connor was a monster.


That’s how she felt now, his completely, and nothing beyond that seemed to matter.

Connor had become the dark centre of her world. His perverted dominance was every inch as arousing as the heroes she’d penned, except that this hero was bigger, and stronger and extremely bad. In fact, he was really no hero at all.




“You will take my cock wherever I choose to put it.”
His voice was like thunder now, and her body trembled in response. As Molly submitted, she pressed her hot tears into the leather in front of her. It was a small act, but deep down he knew it meant something.
At the very least, she had conceded the point, and that was good enough for Connor. Emboldened by her reaction, his dick grew even larger. Ruthlessly, he drove the remainder of it into her arse, delighting at the shriek which the thrust provoked from Molly’s lips.
“Take it,” he demanded, easing from her, before plunging back again.
She called out, the sound morphing into a low sob at the back of her throat.
“This is what happens to naughty pets who run.”
He buried himself deep inside her tightest channel as he assessed her reddened face. There was no doubt she was sorry now. She certainly looked it, but it was too late. Far too late. And Molly had a lesson to learn.
“I could have made this good for you, kitten,” he growled. “I could have lubed you right up and made this a satisfying, sensual experience. But you…” Connor hesitated, delivering four fast thrusts in quick succession. “You could not be good. You chose to run from me.”
Molly was sobbing now, her face a hot mess based on his limited view.
“Bad pet,” he continued, slapping her right cheek. “That’s what you are.”
The impact made her gasp, her muscles clenching out of instinct.
“Tell me!” The command echoed around the dark walls. “Tell me what you are.”
She mumbled a humiliating reply through the small plastic ball. The sound made his balls tighten, driving him closer and closer to shooting his load deep inside her behind.
“Very bad,” he agreed as he thrust balls deep into her once more. “And bad pets get all their hole’s punished.”


Author Bio and social links:

Felicity Brandon is a top 100 Amazon bestselling author.
She loves the darker side of romance, and writes sexy, suspenseful stories, with strong themes of bondage and submission.
You’ll find her either at her laptop, at the gym, or rocking out to her favourite music.

Find Felicity here:

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