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Saturday, 26 May 2018

You have to be a good poker player to be successful in business. Daryl Devore's Two O'clock with the Billionaire #billionaire #romance #hotread

Arianne and Derek are down in the islands at a hedonistic night club.

The volume of the music tripled as the door swung open. The room was lit with flashing laser lights pulsing to the beat of the music. Underneath the lights, bodies danced, some fully clothed, some partially. Arianne stood next to Derek and surveyed the room.
“Stay here a moment. I’ll get you a drink. I remember something with rum and a little umbrella. I’ll set up a tab so you can purchase whatever you want throughout the evening.”
Derek slipped away. Arianne stood on the edge of the bustling dance floor and swayed her hips to the beat. A female and two males were dancing in front of her. While the one male removed the female’s blouse, the other smiled at Arianne and signaled her to join them. Arianne smiled and shook her head. The topless female spun and danced with both men’s hands grabbing and stroking her breasts. The trio fell into the crowd of dancers and Arianne lost sight of them.
Handing her a tall frosty glass of coconut milk, rum, pineapple juice and three little umbrellas, Derek smiled and nodded his head toward the dance floor. “This is not a normal club. Not what you’d be used to.”
“I’m getting that impression.”
“There’s nothing you can’t buy here and that pretty much goes for people too. Sign the receipt and they’ll put it on my tab. I’m guessing you want to explore and play and not be hindered by me, so I’m going to go locate a poker game and try and lose some money. Ask any of the waiters where the poker room is if you want to find me. Have fun. And don’t be too inhibited.” Derek disappeared into the crowd.
Two hours and three drinks later, Arianne had explored the four levels of the club. The level she started on was the main one. It had the dance floor and bar. The one above was the game floor. Several rooms were occupied with people playing pool, or video games or gambling. She’d spotted Derek seated at a poker table. There was a small mountain of chips in front of him. The top floor was sex. Every unlocked room she peeked into had at least one couple engaged in some sexual activity.
The basement intrigued her, locked doors behind which she heard moans, sighs and screams. She sat at the end of a hall for fifteen minutes, wanting to know what was going on behind those doors. Her imagination gave her clues, but her curiosity wanted to know the reality.
After finishing her drink, Arianne felt alone and abandoned so she returned to the poker room. Three of the eight players had super-model type women standing behind them. Derek was unescorted. His chip pile had grown larger than on her previous visit. Arianne entered and stood behind him. She placed a hand on his shoulder. He glanced up and then back at his cards.
“I’ll raise you fifteen thousand.” He tossed his chips into the pile. Arianne snuck a glance at his cards. She bit her tongue and dug her fingernails into her palm. She didn’t know much about poker, but she knew she had to keep a straight face because Derek was bluffing.
The bidding went around three more times. Only two players hadn’t folded, Derek and the man across the table. Arianne was trying to mimic his super-model escort’s bored expression. “I know you’re bluffing Davenport, so I’ll see your bid and raise you thirty thousand.”
Derek tossed more chips onto the table. “I’ll see your thirty and raise you—” He counted chips and pushed them to the pile. “Another forty thousand.”
The other player opened his cards, glanced at them and folded them. His eyes wandered around the table as he calculated the odds of what was in Derek’s hand. “I need to buy more chips. Another fifty thousand.” The dealer handed him a large pile of black and red striped chips. “And I want another scotch.” His escort scurried away.
Derek leaned back in his chair. He remained intense and immobile. His gaze rarely shifted from his opponent’s face. A glass of scotch was placed on the table. The other player steadied his hand as he reached for it. “I’ll see your forty and raise you another fifty thousand.”
“This is getting boring,” said Derek. “We’re playing for chicken feed.” Without looking at the dealer he asked for one-hundred thousand in chips. The dealer slid one golden edged black chip across the table to him. “I see your fifty thousand and raise you one-hundred thousand.”
“Damn!” The other player tossed his cards onto the pile. He had two pair, nines and jacks.
“Gentlemen, it’s been fun.” To the dealer, Derek said, “Please, cash me out.” He locked gazes with his opponent. “Rumsford, you don’t have any balls.” He tossed his cards, still folded, face down to the dealer.
“I need to know what you had.” Rumsford reached across the table.
Derek placed one finger on his cards. His gaze never left Rumsford’s face, nor did he blink. He picked up his cards and handed them to the dealer who mixed them into the deck. “Excuse me, Arianne.” She moved so he could ease his chair back.
Arianne leaned close to speak, but Derek hushed her. He collected his money, tipped the dealer and escorted Arianne downstairs to the dance floor. “Can I say it now?” Arianne asked. “You had nothing. A two, a five, a six, a jack and a ten. They weren’t even all the same color!”
“You have to be a good poker player to be successful in business."

Two O’clock with the Billionaire – Daryl Devoré
Hot Contemporary
Heat rating – 5 hot peppers
Two O’clock with the Billionaire is Daryl Devoré’s latest hot romance. A contemporary romance sweetened with a bit of vanilla sexcapades.
Where Derek Davenport is concerned, women only had one thing in mind: trap him into a marriage. The perfect way out? Hire a courtesan. While partying with his buddies he places an online ad that reads – Woman Wanted.
Unemployed and nearing financial desperation, Arianne is forced to step out of her comfort zone and answers an ad that reads Woman Wanted. With minimal hours and excellent pay, she accepts the position of courtesan to a handsome billionaire.
Their sexual antics cause emotions neither is willing to admit it. Will Arianne and Derek drive each other crazy…or will they fall in love first?
Note: This book was previously published by New Dawning Bookfair under the title A Kept Woman.


Arianne’s just regular girl pushed into a corner and desperately looking for a way out.

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