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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Scarf pizza is not a term that sophisticated Derek Davenport should even know. Daryl Devore's Two O'clock with the Billionaire #billionaire #romance #hotread

An accidental night together for Arianne and Derek

As Derek’s lips caressed the back of her neck, he asked, “What room are you painting blue?”
Startled from her bliss of a passionate afternoon, Arianne mumbled, “My bedroom. It was a sickly shade of pink. Wait a moment. How do you know that?”
He kissed her neck. “You have a spot of blue paint, right there.” He lifted her right arm and kissed the inside of her upper arm. “And a spot, right there. I did quite a good search, and those were the only two places I could find.”
“I thought I got them all. I shoulda known there’d be more.”
“Why don’t you hire a painter?”
“Too expensive.”
Derek pulled her naked body in closer to his. “I don’t…your salary isn’t enough?”
“Way more than enough. Actually, stupidly enough. But, well, see when I had my last job I thought it would last forever and I never saved a penny. This job I know is sort of contractual. There is an end point. So, I’ve been saving up so I can have some time to find another job when I need to.”
Derek was quiet for so long, Arianne thought he had fallen asleep. “Psst. You asleep?” she whispered. A gentle kiss in the middle of her neck was his answer. “Can I borrow this place Friday? Taylor’s having a big party and I need a place to go. I tried calling my friend, Sheila, but—”
“Shit!” Derek sat up and rubbed his face. “I was supposed to call someone this morning. You’re really messing me up.”
“Yes, I spend all day Monday thinking about what’s going to happen on Tuesday. Then I spend all Tuesday morning watching the damn clock. Wednesday, I remember what happened the day before. So my work week has been cut in half. And it’s all your fault. I’m out of here. Yes, you can use the place Friday. The elevator card will work any day of the week.”
Within five minutes he’d dressed, kissed her forehead and left. Two minutes later the elevator doors reopened. He tossed the envelope onto the dining room table. “I’m getting so scatterbrained. And yet they let me run a multinational…where are my keys? Have you seen my…what’s my cell phone doing on the couch?”
Arianne picked his car keys up from the coffee table, grabbed his cell phone, tossed them to him and waved good-bye as the elevators closed. She waited a few moments to see if he’d successfully left then entered the bathroom. Grabbing a bottle of bubble bath, she turned on the faucet and prepared to settle down into a long, hot bath.

Sliding her access card through the slot Arianne waited for the elevator to descend to where she waited in the parking garage. It was strange to be going to the apartment on a Friday night and knowing Derek wouldn’t be there. When the doors opened, she shifted her backpack to the other shoulder and entered. She sniffed. A trace of Derek’s cologne seemed to linger on the air. With a gentle motion, the elevator began its fifty-six-story climb. She readied her blue card and when she felt the motion cease, she slid it through the reader. Stepping into the apartment, she laid her backpack on the floor, looked up and said, “What are you doing here?”
Stretched out on the couch dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans was Derek. “Hiding. What are you doing here?”
She kicked off her snow boots and shook the snow from her hair then hung her winter coat up in the closet. “I asked if I could use the place.”
He rubbed his face. “That’s right. You did. My bad.”
Walking around to the couch, she sat on the end opposite to Derek. “No worries. I like the company. And what do you mean hiding?” Reaching out, she opened the pizza box. “May I?”
Derek nodded.
She selected a slice and bit off the end.
Swallowing a mouthful of beer, Derek said, “Hiding, as in not wanting to be found. There’s a case of beer in the fridge.”
“Hmm, good pizza. Hiding from who? Whom? Why?”
“Women. And their mothers. Four girls called this week hoping I’d ask them out. They’ll call or drop by, using the excuse they’d like to go clubbing. I’m not going to be there. That’s the true reason I have this place. It’s my home away from home. Only Gail knows about it. I really forgot. Sorry.”
She returned with a beer and another for Derek. “Oh, it’s not a problem. I had to get out of the apartment. Taylor’s parties can be—”
“I get the picture. All I was going to do was chug beer, scarf pizza and watch TV.”
Arianne chuckled. “Scarf pizza is not a term that sophisticated Derek Davenport should even know.”
“I did go to college and I did live in a frat. And I learned a lot of very unsophisticated terminology.”

Two O’clock with the Billionaire – Daryl Devoré
Hot Contemporary
Heat rating – 5 hot peppers
Two O’clock with the Billionaire is Daryl Devoré’s latest hot romance. A contemporary romance sweetened with a bit of vanilla sexcapades.
Where Derek Davenport is concerned, women only had one thing in mind: trap him into a marriage. The perfect way out? Hire a courtesan. While partying with his buddies he places an online ad that reads – Woman Wanted.
Unemployed and nearing financial desperation, Arianne is forced to step out of her comfort zone and answers an ad that reads Woman Wanted. With minimal hours and excellent pay, she accepts the position of courtesan to a handsome billionaire.
Their sexual antics cause emotions neither is willing to admit it. Will Arianne and Derek drive each other crazy…or will they fall in love first?
Note: This book was previously published by New Dawning Bookfair under the title A Kept Woman.


Arianne’s just regular girl pushed into a corner and desperately looking for a way out.

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