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Monday, 12 June 2017

The Latest From Liza O'Connor's fabulous Requires Rescue Series - Proud Mary #contemporary #suspense

Liza often imbues her characters with her own traits.
When I was young, I had a photographic memory, only it never worked out for me. Because my science teacher’s tests were based on past science books (being too lazy to upgrade her tests) I would also read the topic in my encyclopedia. In a sane world, that should have helped, but not with a truly stupid science teacher. On every test, she’d marked several of my answers wrong, so I finally brought in my encyclopedia and showed her I was right. Instead of being impressed, she refused to change my grade and chided me for not studying my text book instead. I pointed out that her tests didn’t correspond to our textbooks. That got me sent home with a note.
Mary has much better luck with her photographic memory. She’s able to assist the FBI in discovering where the CEO of DRG is laundering money based on what they did years ago. She is so spot on that the FBI concludes she is neck deep in the money laundering.  So, maybe photographic memories are just a bad idea.

Proud Mary

Liza O’Connor
Book 3 of the
Requires Rescue Series
Contemporary Suspense
Sometimes even the strong
requires a helping hand.



Mary Mason may have lost her job and reputation, but she has too much pride to allow vengeful women and their manipulative husbands to destroy her life and steal her new born babies. Unfortunately, pride alone isn’t going to save her. When Captain Chad Danton answers a call about a prostitute soliciting at the local library, he discovers a determined woman in desperate need of medical care. Upon hearing Mary’s story, he resolves to help her, not realizing her enemies will join those who wish to destroy his career.
Chad ran his hands through his hair. “Have you ever met a woman where it clicks right off?”
Hamilton snorted. “No.”
“Well, before Mary, neither had I. But from the moment I walked over with the intention of arresting her for prostitution, I felt this connection. And when I realized she wasn’t a prostitute, but a woman in need of help, I let myself care.” He frowned. “Is this going to be a problem?”
Hamilton focused on the pages instead of answering.
Chad repressed a surge of anger. “I don’t see a problem here.”
Ty finished his faxing and placed the pad into his briefcase. “As long as you keep it professional and don’t interfere with our attempts to gather evidence for this case, neither do I. However, before you get too invested in this woman, you should know she’ll probably serve jail time.”
Chad reached into his pocket, triggered the recorder and extracted a stick of gum, which he offered Ty. “Why would you charge Mary? She’s done nothing but help you.” Only years of controlling his temper kept him from screaming the words.
“My boss doesn’t believe she was as clueless as she claims.”




Liza O’Connor lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.

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  1. Sometimes it's not about what you did... but about what they think you did. Justice isn't so blind, after all. She needs some help, for sure!

    1. Yes she does. She starts with no friends and then befriends the captain of vice who meant to arrest her for prostitution, until he discovered she was bleeding, not soliciting, and the friend ball keeps rolling.

  2. Love the title of this one! Can't wait to read it. And how cool you have a photographic memory!