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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Herding chickens would have been easier. What Happens in Bangkok on Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday #hotread

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Nearing the end of a very bad day, Erika hears a rumour that a Triad hit squad is heading in the direction of her club. She decides to act.

She had to get everyone out of the club. Her bar staff and employees, while often as annoying as hell, were as close as family. The patrons were her lifeblood. They bought the drinks which paid her salary. The queens were her sisters and she wouldn't let them be killed by a band of thugs. Swallowing down her fear, she stiffened her back and barked out orders to Puii.
Herding chickens would have been easier. The patrons were easy to convince. Puii pointed to the back exit, raised his gun in the air and shouted leave in four different languages. The divas proceeded to screech at a range higher than any opera singer and ran in circles.

To save Darien's life his brother asks, "Can you walk in high heels?"
Erika Bailey, owner/manager of a drag queen club in Bangkok, Thailand has happily settled into all aspects of her new life, except for her lack of a love life. When a new diva auditions, Erika is bewildered over her instant attraction to the blond God, Apollo.
Darien Scott is on vacation after a world tour and mistakenly figures the safest place to be is at The Black Dragon with the head of a Triad. When the club is hit, Darien is the only person to get out alive. Now   he's running from the police and a Triad. Mistake number 1.
Disguised as a drag queen, he's hired by Erika, but falls hard for his new boss, then struggles with not coming clean with her. Mistake number 2.
Can he fix his mistakes and find a life filled with love or is he headed straight for mistake number 3?

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5 Stars

This book got me hooked from the opening line with Darien puzzling as to why blood was seeping from his wolf tattoo. The chemistry between Darien and Erika sizzles from the first time they meet, even though she’s no idea who he is, nor the fact that he’s actually straight.

What I loved about this book was that it isn’t just about Darien and Erika. A whole cast of characters are vividly brought to life and though I didn’t like them all, particularly Gan I seriously wanted to gag whenever he appeared, they added another dimension to the story.

The action is fast paced, there are enough twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing and the romance was hot. A great read, especially if you love stories in exotic locations.


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  1. What a terrific snippet. You did wonders with fear and humor, Daryl.

  2. Herding divas, eh? Not so easy to do over the screeching. :-)

    1. Not this pack of divas - hysterical is their middle name.

  3. What an awesome description, Daryl. I could see and hear the chaos in glorious 3D.

  4. You write her concern very well. I hope she gets out before danger strikes.

  5. Uh oh, the divas better get it together and clear out! I like the sense of urgency that the heroine has going on. Excellent excerpt.

  6. Such a great description of the screeching divas.

  7. There's a great sense of urgency but also humor in this snippet. I hope he can round up the divas. LOL

  8. Just a dash of humor to lighten up the mood--nicely done! I bet herding chickens is noisy and difficult.

    1. Never herded chickens, but I bet it isn't easy.

  9. In my (limited) experience, herding chickens isn't an impossible task, provided you have a rooster or two in the flock. But then maybe that was the problem ... no rooster?

    1. lol Ed, you've hit the nail on the head - nary a rooster in the place :-)

  10. What vivid chaos you've created with those few sentences! Awesome, Daryl!

  11. Herding chickens is a perfect description for the chaos going on around her. Nice snippet!

    1. Thank you - yes I liked the description it seemed apt to me.

  12. Great snippet! I can just see the chaos. Love your cover, too, which was not yet revealed when I went on Hiatus!

  13. Glad she has a plan. Great tension building!